We share our genius

A company’s greatest asset isn’t its money, machines, or even people. A company’s greatest asset is the result of all of those things coming together to do something excellent – whatever it is that a company does better than anyone else in the world. It’s what we call our “genius.”

Brad Keywell

CEO & Co-founder Uptake

Our Manifesto

At Uptake, our genius is solving the high value problems of industry through predictive insight. In our philanthropy, we are deploying this expertise on some of the world’s most pressing and complicated issues.

Rather than basing our philanthropy on gifts of money, time, or our products, we work directly with nonprofits to develop new applications on our technology platform that make a measurable difference. We build custom data tools and deliver them directly into the hands of people on the front lines – staff, students, activists, people in the field, and more. These tools help them solve problems that can be uniquely addressed through technology and data science.

The social sector has suffered from a lack of investment in shared technology. Too many nonprofit organizations cobble together pieces of existing commercial software in ways that truly don’t meet their unique needs. We want to change that. We are demonstrating the value of developing technology specifically to meet the needs and opportunities of the social sector. Over the coming years we will demonstrate the impact of this unique approach by solving problems, and reporting back the data that demonstrates our impact.

Brad Keywell

Brad Keywell

CEO & Co-founder