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Uptake has worked with partners in public transportation, wildlife research, anti-human trafficking, and high schools serving first-generation college students on data science-powered applications to meet their unique needs.

Uptake Developed Education Project

Student Union

Data Science for College Match

Each year, more than 400,000 qualified low-income students don’t attend college, and another 200,000 are significantly undermatched. Undermatched students are those who should attend more rigorous schools based on their qualifications. First-generation college students are often under-supported when it comes to the difficult decision of choosing a school.

Uptake gives low-income and first-generation college applicants the power of informed choice. Uptake.org’s Student Union application helps connect first-generation college applicants with a portfolio of schools that provide them with the best chance of admission and graduation. Students can find schools that’ll help them reach their full potential and provide the support they need to graduate.

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Open Source Data Science Model


Computer Vision for Conservation

Conservation researchers rely on automated camera traps to provide them with the raw data they need for their work. The data these images provide is vital to understanding and protecting our world. However, obtaining this data and manually categorizing them is a big challenge. This can result in months-long delays in gaining vital insights.

Uptake.org’s open source computer vision project Autofocus, gives conservation organizations the ability to classify thousands of images taken with camera traps using AI models. The application can reduce the amount of work it takes to label photos by 97%, freeing up valuable time and resources for researchers to analyze, evaluate and take action on the results. To view or contribute to the project you can view to code on Github.

Download the Autofocus case study

Uptake Supported Human Rights Project


AI to Combat Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the third-largest international crime industry – behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking – which makes profits of $32 billion annually. Being able to identify potential victims of human trafficking in these country-exit points requires a dynamic strategy capable of constant change. On-the-ground agents look for warning signs and interview potential victims to learn about their demographics and reasons for leaving the country.

ReRoute gives anti-trafficking organizations the tools and insights they need to better identify victims and prosecute traffickers. It uses machine learning to recognize patterns in data, identify changes in victim origination and alert organizations when they’re investigating traffickers who are being investigated by another organization on our platform.

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