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Asset IO for Fleet

Utilizing asset performance management for social good outcomes

Built on a foundation of data science, is leveraging the worlds largest library of industrial logic to increase the reliability and performance of critical assets to serve communities in need.

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What is Uptake Asset IO for Good?

Industrial approach to aid

International organizations and global nonprofits rely on heavy assets and machinery to deliver critical services to communities in need.

Assets and services

Organizations rely on complex assets like fire trucks, snow plows, ambulances, motorcycles, and water infrastructure to respond to the demands of disasters at a moments notice.

Data driven impact

Using IoT sensor technology, vehicles and other assets can be connected to share data, making operations reliable, safer, and successful.

Solutions by Industry

Using data to help solve the worlds most serious problems.

American Red Cross + Asset IO for Fleet

Disaster Response

The mission of the American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois is to alleviate suffering after disasters by mobilizing volunteers. Fleet readiness is a top priority for their team, who aim to arrive on the scene within 90 minutes of any disaster. By installing telematics across a wide range of their vehicles, Uptake provides them with visibility into the availability and health of the fleet, which helps them mobilize their vast network of volunteer responders.

Uptake’s industrial AI software for fleet takes the American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois beyond simple telematics into predictive maintenance built on world-class data science and machine learning.

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Riders for Health + Asset IO for Fleet

Healthcare & Humanitarian Aid

In order for Riders for Health to deliver medical supplies beyond the reach of hospitals in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, they need a fleet of motorcycles and trucks that are always ready to go. By using Uptake Asset IO for Fleet product, they can monitor and optimize their fleet, and prevent unplanned costs and downtime.

Riders for Health have pioneered management and maintenance systems that work in the harshest conditions for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Uptake is helping to transform their operations by creating a scalable model to manage any size fleet in any country.

The Asset IO for Fleet tool allows Riders for Health to measure operational success with each trip by enabling:

  • Real-time condition monitoring
  • Predict and prevent downtime
  • Promote driver safety
  • Increase in fuel economy
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Smart Cities and States

Leveraging predictive analytics to make public services safer, greener, and more reliable

As cities become larger and more populous, the demand on public services and infrastructure increases by the day. Uptake is there to make sure city fleets are running smoothly by preventing unpredicted downtime, costs, and even accidents.

Data is important to our work because we are able to measure the impact that we do, and ensure that it is relevant towards achieving our goals of radical change for the health of African nations.

Mahali Hlasa

Country Director & Chair, Riders for Health Lesotho

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