Uptake.org Eco Future Award

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The deadline is September 6, 2019.


Introducing the Eco Future Award

Uptake.org has launched the Eco Future Award to offer fleet management software free to public sector, non-profit or social impact organizations that aim to reduce their environmental impact. Uptake.org will offer 18 months of free fleet management software to the winning entity.

Applications close September 6th.

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Meeting Green Policy Standards


As cities become larger and more populous, the demand on public services and infrastructure increases by the day. Uptake is there to make sure city fleets are running smoothly by preventing unpredicted downtime, costs, ensuring lower emissions, and better fuel consumption.

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Reaching sustainability goals


International nonprofits in disaster response, healthcare, and humanitarian aid rely on motorcycles, cars, trucks, and vans to deliver critical services to those in need. Asset IO for Fleet collects data from every type of vehicle in these fleets to make operations greener, more reliable, and safer.

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Asset IO for Fleet

Custom AI Applications for Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Response

The Asset IO for Fleet tool allows international NGOs like Riders for Health and the American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois to measure operational success with each trip by enabling:

  • Promote driver safety
  • Real-time condition monitoring
  • Predict and prevent downtime
  • Increase in fuel economy

Our application is compatible with owned, leased, and shared fleets. Uptake is helping organizations transform their operations by creating a scalable model to manage any size fleet in any country.

Do you know of a city or nonprofit organization committed to operating their fleet of vehicles in a more sustainable way? Nominate them for the Uptake.org Eco Future Award!

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Increased Readiness

We know that Improving fuel efficiency reduces the carbon footprint. Therefore we are giving away our fleet management solution to selected qualifying fleets, all that is required is to submit an application.

Fuel Savings

By deploying Asset IO for Good, organizations can unlock operational efficiencies by making proactive maintenance decisions based on predictive insights that determine when particular vehicle components will fail, which can cause major delays in the delivery of critical services and products.

Designed for the Social Sector

Uptake.org wants to demonstrate the value of developing technology specifically to meet the needs and opportunities of the social sector. With many social and nonprofit sector organizations suffering from a lack of investment in shared technology - cobbling together pieces of existing commercial software - Uptake wants to evolve how technology companies support the sector.

At Uptake, we believe our product, Asset IO, should be used to help nonprofits, social enterprises, government agencies, and foundations to manage their fleets in a more sustainable way. Asset IO provides fleet directors with insights that give them the ability to make greener choices.

Brad Keywell

Founder & CEO of Uptake