We leverage Uptake's people, technology and expertise to help organizations use data to change the world.
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Our Strategy


We believe in a world that works for everyone. A world where organizations of all types and sizes can leverage the power of data to make an impact. Uptake.org isn’t a grantmaker; we develop data-driven technology solutions designed to create change. We create applications that multiple organizations — nonprofits, social enterprises, government agencies and foundations — use to increase efficiency, take action and improve impact.

With each application we create, our approach is to:
Define Data Standards

Define Data Standards

Data collection needs to be standardized so that data can be shared, read and understood. We create simple standards in various fields so that organizations can record and share data easily.

Develop Applications

Develop Shareable Applications

By focusing on building shareable technology, we increase collaboration between organizations, creating a strong, united network of partners that work together to solve important issues.

Promot Data Sharing

Promote Data Sharing

In order to attain rich data sets capable of creating real-world impact, it’s critical to assemble groups for promoting widespread adoption of data sharing. We cultivate relationships with leading technology, government, and nonprofit partners to establish trust and momentum around data sharing.

Focus on Impact

Focus on Impact

Our tools are designed to help organizations achieve their missions. Whether this is helping first-generation college students get through college or identifying invasive species on remote islands, our tools are designed to be used by practitioners to increase impact.

Who we are.

Leah Siskind

[email protected]

Leah Siskind heads Uptake.org and runs the Data Fellows Program. She has directed Uptake's Smart City Initiatives and overseen a number of other special projects. Prior to Uptake, she worked in politics and international relations, promoting intergovernmental collaboration for Israel's Foreign Ministry and supporting disaster relief for Israel's Agency for International Development. She is a political fellow with the Truman National Security Project.

Chad Flores
Product Manager, Uptake.org

[email protected]

Chad Flores leads Uptake.org’s cross-functional team of data scientists, engineers and designers who build applications for social impact. Previously, he was on the founding team at the national environmental literacy and work readiness social enterprise Roots of Success, worked at online fundraising startup Network for Good and held roles with the social innovation incubator Impact Hub. Chad is on the Board of Directors of Plant Chicago.